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Wildlife Rescue of Dade County was founded by Lloyd Brown in 1995 to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in South Florida.


Because of Lloyds experience in working in the rehabilitation of marine mammals, in 1996 he was asked to travel to the South American nation of Chile to rescue one dolphin and two sea lions from horrible conditions at a private zoo in Iquique, Chile. That operation was just the beginning of Wildlife Rescues involvement in bigger projects.


In 1999 we joined the State of Floridas Disaster Animal Response team and in March of 2000 we joined the International Fund For Animal Welfares (IFAW) Emergency Relief (ER) team. In July and August of that year Lloyd was deployed Capetown, South Africa to assist IFAW in the rescue and rehabilitation of 21,000 South African Blackfoot penguins after a bad oil spill there. In January of 2002 Lloyd was deployed as IFAWs sole asset to assist in the rescue and rebuilding of a wildlife rehab center in Finca San Luis, El Salvador after an major earthquake devastated that area.


In 2002, we joined the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Disaster Animal Response Team (DART). In May of that year we deployed to Macdowell County West Virginia to assist in animal rescues after a flash flood and to New Orleans after hurricane Lili. We also helped Marine Mammal Conservancy in the care of a pygmy sperm whale.


In 2003 we had lots of whales and dolphins including one four month long rehab that resulted in the release back to the wild of six pilot whales.


In 2004 Wildlife Rescue of Dade County responded to four hurricanes in six weeks (All of them in Florida).


In 2005 we deployed the Southeast Asian nation of Sri Lanka to help Humane Society International with rescue operations after the tsunami that struck that region. Within two weeks of returning from there we were involved in the rescue of a large group of rough-toothed dolphins in the Keys. That rehab lasted six months and resulted in the release back to the wild of seven dolphin and the placement of a baby in an aquarium in Panama City.


Things calmed down for a while until 2008 when we deployed with HSUS to the Gulf Coast of Texas for hurricane Ike.


In 2009 we went from Florida to cold weather in North Dakota for floods and blizzards in Fargo. Also in 2009, Lloyd Bought a 2.5 acre place to be Wildlife Rescues new home.


In 2010 we deployed to the Caribbean nation of Haiti working for a joint project of the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Humane Society International after a powerful earthquake destroyed much of that country.


In 2011 we deployed with HSUS NDART to Tuscaloosa Alabama after an F5 tornado went through that town.


In 2012 we deployed to the Dominican Republic to assist the Aquaria Nacional in the care and raising of a baby manatee.


In 2015 we finally got another permitted rehabilitator when Amanda Margraves joined our organization. During this time we have continued to care for the injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals native to South Florida, and to teach the South Florida community about the animals with whom we share this area.